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COVID-19 is airborne and has mutated to be more infectious: Studies

코로나 에어로졸 전파 가능, 코로나 돌연변이 확산에 치료제 개발 난항 New studies suggest COVID-19 can spread through the air like an aerosol,.. and has mutated to become even more infectious. Although the mutation is not more severe than the original, it could mean the ongoing vaccine development has to go back to square one. Lee Kyung-eun reports. Some new…

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US Navy captain tests positive for COVID-19

The former commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt tested positive for the virus just days after being relieved of duty. BREAKING NEWS UPDATES: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #ABCNews #Coronavirus #COVID19 #Pandemic #Health #Navy #USSTheodoreRoosevelt

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