We Try The FBI Fitness Test without practice

We Try The FBI Fitness Test without practice
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The FBI FITNESS TEST, this challenge is going viral and we as calisthenics athletes got this challenge a lot from you guys, will we pass without any prior knowledge or training?
We did the US ARMY FITNESS TEST, we passed. Now the FBI fitness test…

To pass the FBI fitness test (requirements) you must earn at least one point in all 5 challenges, and a total score of 12 points, but the pull-up challenge we’re doing is not counted in the total point score

Most Push ups in 1 minute
Most Sit ups in 1 minute
300M Sprint as fast as possible
1.5 mile/2.4km Run as fast as possible
Max pullups, we do need to hit 1 point which is 2-3 pullups

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We Try The FBI Fitness Test without practice

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