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These are the links (in order) of the things shown in this video that I was able to find

– Jewelry stand:

– Shein jewelry box:
(That is not the same exact one but it’s pretty similar^)

– Beaded ring:
– Blue bead ring:
– Green crystal ring:
– Thick engraved sun ring:

– Custom braided ones:

– Beaded set: Ring-p-2389909-cat-1759.html
– Gold set:
– Other gold set that came with the chain one:
– Double layered flower ring:

💘Brandy Melville💘
– Gold set:

💚YesStyle💚 (my coupon code is S0W6A0G6)
– Silver set:
– Rhinestone zodiac ring:
– Yin yang ring:
– Colorful beaded ring:
– Smiley face chain ring:
– Thin moon ring:
– Black heart ring:

– White butterfly necklace:

💘Brandy Melville💘
– Lock necklace:
(I don’t think that’s the same exact one lol^)
I also couldn’t find that other necklace

💚YesStyle💚 (again my coupon code is S0W6A0G6)
– Purple crystal necklace:
– Dainty thin gold necklace:
– Blue flower beaded necklace:
– Thick gold chain necklace:

– White beaded necklace:
– Silver bar necklace:
– Cube teal and gold beaded necklace:

💚YesStyle💚(again my coupon code is S0W6A0G6 lol)
Rhinestone studs:
Heart studs:
Pink butterfly hoops:
Smiley face hoops:

💘Brandy Melville💘
Cherry hoops:

💚YesStyle💚(and lastly again my coupon code is S0W6A0G6)
Rainbow flower beaded bracelet:
Silver bar bracelet:

Blue beaded bracelet: