CBC News: The National | Justin Trudeau, Vaccine mandate protests, Classroom COVID-19 outbreaks

Sept. 13, 2021, | Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau answers questions from four undecided voters about the economy, affordability and COVID-19. Hundreds of people gather at hospitals across the country to protest vaccine mandates and passports. Plus, the different ways provinces are handling COVID-19 outbreaks in schools.

00:00 The National for Sept. 12, 2021
00:50 Ahead: Face to Face with Justin Trudeau
01:55 Protests outside hospitals across Canada
04:54 Burnt out nurses leaving their jobs
07:09 B.C. health-care vaccine mandate
07:40 B.C.’s vaccine passport comes into effect
09:55 All day surgeries postponed in Edmonton
10:23 COVID-19 cases surge in Saskatchewan
10:44 N.B. considering new COVID-19 measures
11:07 COVID-19 outbreaks in schools
13:26 COVID-19 booster shots
13:54 Family of 6 from dead after camper fire
14:17 Apple issues critical security update
14:37 One week until the federal election
15:12 Canada Votes: On the campaign trail
17:52 Conservative Party gun policy
19:23 Face to Face with the Federal Leaders
20:44 Justin Trudeau: The economy
21:56 Justin Trudeau: The CRB and labour
23:04 Justin Trudeau: Stimulus spending
23:52 Justin Trudeau: Inflation
24:19 Justin Trudeau: Indigenous workers
26:58 Justin Trudeau: Boil water advisories
27:39 Justin Trudeau: Unmarked graves
30:17 Justin Trudeau: Income inequality
31:12 Justin Trudeau: Sick days
32:33 Justin Trudeau: Post-pandemic inequality
33:21 Justin Trudeau: Childcare costs
36:17 Justin Trudeau: Safety and inclusion
38:56 Justin Trudeau: Anti-vax protests
41:14 Justin Trudeau: Calling the election
41:55 Justin Trudeau: Climate change

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